The Leasing Options Awards celebrate our customers' favourite cars of the year. We’ve divided the categories up into the car types available and the winners are the cars that our customers have leased from us the most. So read on and discover why these cars were the most popular of the year.

Manufacturer Of The Year = SEAT

SEAT Ateca

Our ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ goes to SEAT. Our customers couldn’t get enough of the Spanish manufacturer last year, and it’s hard to blame them. SEAT’s range overall is arguably one the greatest out there at the moment. Of course, you have the brilliant SEAT Leon that everyone knows about, but they also have fantastic cars across the board. Take the Ibiza as a starting point. It’s basically a smaller, more compact version of the ever-popular Leon and while it can’t quite match up to its bigger brother’s speed, it certainly doesn’t lack in any other department. It’s agile, nippy off the blocks and has a staggering amount of grip. It’s the perfect option if your budget won’t stretch to a Leon or if you’re simply looking for something smaller.

If you need something that’s going to fit the whole family and the dog in the back, you can’t go wrong with some of the larger cars in the range, the Ateca – a  popular entrant in the SUV bracket, perfect for small families or those needing something a little more rural-friendly, or the Tarraco – a beast of a car that will easily get the kids, dogs, grandparents, luggage and the kitchen sink to your destination in style and supreme comfort. SEAT also has the Mii electric, the perfect car for those in urban areas who want to do their part for the environment but also still want a car to brighten their mornings.

As you can see SEAT’s range is remarkable, and it shows, as SEAT were Leasing Options’ number one manufacturer in 2019, and we can tell already that they’ll be up there this year too.

Model Of The Year = SEAT Leon


The SEAT Leon Hatchback is the ideal car for those in the market for something that looks great, has great performance at a lower price range and most importantly, is fun to drive. If that wasn’t enough to convince of how great of a car this is, it was also our most leased car of 2019, meaning it’s a hit with the nation.

But it’s not just those things that have made the SEAT Leon our most leased car of 2019, it’s also down to the car’s range of engines. There’s something for everybody and/or every budget. At the higher end of the scale, the Leon’s performance, as you would expect, gets faster and even more brilliant to drive, but if you can’t afford these, don’t be put off by the more affordable Leons. Yes, they’re not quite as quick but you still get fantastic handling, bags of grip and like we said earlier, one hell of an entertaining ride. And that’s the most important thing. 

This has meant that here at Leasing Options, not only have we seen the Leon become our most popular motor, but we’ve also seen a variation in what customers go for within the range, which is why it’s not really that surprising to see this car win the ‘Model of the Year’.

Hatchback Of The Year = SEAT Leon


You’ve already seen that the Leon has picked up our Model of the Year, and that’s largely down to the hatchback version of the car being so popular. But why? Well first, there’s a brilliant range of Leon hatchbacks to choose from and one where a lower budget version won’t impact on the fun you’ll have driving one. 

Perhaps, more importantly, it’s what you get from a Leon that is hard to find elsewhere. It’s the all-rounder of the car world. It’s great for a first car, perfect if you’re wanting sporty and fun to drive, will easily accommodate you, your partner and the kids and is a great economical choice too. Whatever your situation, a Leon hatchback will treat you well and after all that, it’s no wonder it’s the favoured car of our customers.

SUV/Crossover Of The Year = KIA Sportage

KIA Sportage

KIA has had a fabulous few years, going from a brand last on people’s list of potential new cars to one of the first and the main reason is that they’ve become brilliant to drive, and importantly, affordable at the same time. They’re cars that tick most boxes. They’re good looking, perform well, are super reliable and efficient too.

When it comes to the SUV/Crossover car type, the KIA Sportage blew away the competition in 2019 and became our customers’ go-to motor and it’s easy to see why. The Sportage, despite being quite a large car, feels agile behind the wheel and has plenty of kit on-board too. Importantly for this type of car, it’s incredibly roomy inside which is perfect if you’ve got a couple of kids in the back. So, if you’re looking for a new SUV/Crossover why not try out a KIA Sportage, we know you’ll love it, our customers do!

Saloon Of The Year = Mercedes Benz E-Class

Mercedes Benz  E Class

Class by name, class by nature. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class really is the pinnacle of luxurious driving. Not only is it a delight to sit in one but it’s also a dream behind the wheel. You can be cruising at 70 mph with the usual motorway chaos going on outside the window but inside the E-Class it’s serene. The ride is impeccable, the usual bumps you feel in other saloons magically disappear, the roar of other traffic is silenced and traffic jams go from the most frustrating thing in the world to a relaxed sense of, well if I’m going to be stuck in a car, at least I’m in a Mercedes-Benz

The E-Class saloon is both beautiful on the inside and out. The exterior showcases a rather strict, down to business demeanour, as does the interior, but thanks to all the tech and gadgets housed within the E-Class, it’s hard not to turn into a bit of a kid, giving this car the best of both worlds and a reason why we think our customers love it so much. 

Estate Of The Year = Skoda Octavia

SKODA Octavia

When looking for an estate, the Skoda Octavia has been one of the nation's favourites for a while now and, judging by demand from our customers, it goes into 2020 as the best. Before Skoda’s recent surge in popularity, they were seen as a bit of a joke, the runt of the litter. Today however they’re standing proud at the top of the mountain when it comes to family estates and for good reason. 

Inside, the Octavia has stacks of space within the cabin and boasts a huge boot, perfect for housing everything you’ll need for the family outings. They come with a load of tech features too such as parking sensors and cameras, vital for those a bit wary of manoeuvring a longer vehicle, as well as Sat Nav and other infotainment. Skodas are also known to be very reliable cars, so if you are planning on getting a car that’s going to get you from A to a far away B, you’ll have no worries in an Octavia.

Coupé Of The Year = Mercedes Benz CLA Coupé

MB CLA Coupe

Mercedes-Benz takes home their second award of the year, this one for their CLA Coupé. Remember everything we talked about for the E-Class, how it’s wonderfully comfortable, full of tech and great to drive? Well if you were to shrink the body down a little bit and gave it a sportier look, then you have yourself the CLA Coupé.

Just as magic to drive and sit in but this Mercedes-Benz is like the angry brother of the E-Class. The coupé has got a rawer feeling to it and has the performance to match. Perfect for the on-the-go professional who needs to get to their next meeting fast. 

Convertible/Cabriolet Of The Year = Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes Benz C Class

What makes a great convertible/cabriolet? For us it’s one that does everything the hard-top version of the model does but with the added pleasure of having the wind in your hair, taking full advantage of the sun (when we get it) and ultimately that adds to the driving experience. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet does just that. It’s the pinnacle of sunny afternoon cruising that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear as soon as you pull off the drive. 

Depending on how you want your C-Class cabriolet to perform you can either opt for the diesel that will satisfy those cruising drives and is more economical or if you’re wanting to take things to the next level opt for the AMG line that’ll have your hats and scarfs holding on for dear life. Whichever spec of the C-Class cabriolet you go for, you can’t really go wrong and that’s why it’s the favourite for our customers.

MPV Of The Year = Volkswagen Touran

Volkwagen Touran

Versatility is the key when it comes to MPVs and the Volkswagen Touran is the leader in this market. This 7-seater will adapt to your needs with ease. If you need to use up all 7 of those seats you can and still have bags of room for luggage or just for extra legroom, or if you need extra space for pets or suitcases, fold seats away for as much room as you could ever hope for. 

Not only that, because it’s a Volkswagen it’s great to drive and perhaps, more importantly, is very durable. Our customers’ trust it as their number one MPV choice and so should you. 

Sports Car Of The Year = Audi TT

Audi TT

The Audi TT was our customers’ choice for Sports Car Of The Year and we can’t say that it comes as much of a surprise. We leased out more than double the amount of TTs than its nearest rival last year. But why is it so popular?

The TT is stunning to look at and performs even better, both at high and low speeds, an unusual trait for a sports car. At low speeds, it’s comfortable and relaxing, but hit the accelerator and it’s tough not to have a smile on your face when you feel it come alive. Its pace off the line is remarkable and has second-to-none grip through the corners thanks to Audi’s brilliant ‘Quattro’ 4WD system. It’s a wonderful machine.”

Hybrid Car Of The Year = KIA Niro

For those who aren’t quite ready to go all-electric, there is a halfway alternative in hybrid cars. The KIA Niro is our hybrid winner and is our customers favourite of last year. 

It’s a says something quite significant about a car in the hybrid category if it’s able to fend off the mighty Toyota. Toyota has been at the forefront of the hybrid market ever since the launch of the iconic Prius, which seems like a very long time ago now. Since then they’ve kept innovating with new hybrid cars like their latest entry, the C-HR, and also adapting old classics like the RAV4, which can now be bought as a hybrid for the first time.

So, what makes the Niro so special? First of all, it’s lovely to drive. The hybrid drivetrain is very quiet and efficient too. It’s recently had a bit of a facelift, making it one of the better-looking cars in its category, thanks to it’s new LED daytime running lights in particular, and on the inside it has a bunch of tech and connectivity features making this car a pleasure both inside and out.

Electric Car Of The Year = Hyundai IONIQ

Ioniq EV

With more and more emphasis being placed on us to do our part to help the environment, many drivers are turning to electric cars in order to lower their emissions, but which one are they going for? 

The market has become incredibly competitive over the last few years with almost all manufacturers going from no electric cars a few years ago to today where nearly all have at least one. With this technology, many aren’t sure which way to turn. Well, last year our customers favoured the Hyundai IONIQ and here’s why. If you want an IONIQ you can get it as a petrol, hybrid or as electric, so it says something when the electric version is considered the best of the bunch. 

Recently it’s had a facelift, a hefty boost in battery capacity giving it more range and its refreshed infotainment system has all you’ll be needing for the foreseeable future too.

Thank you for checking out our Car Awards for 2020. If you would like to find out any more information about any of the cars featured above or anything regarding Leasing Options and our full range of cars, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

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