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Browse an exciting collection of LDV lease deals below and find a reliable van for your business. The LDV Group is quickly becoming recognised as one of the leading providers of fleet vehicles. If you are looking for a high-quality van capable of carrying a range of cargo loads, LDV vans make the perfect choice.

The LDV Group specialises in vans, particularly pick-ups and panel vans, and has delivered fleet vehicles to large corporations. The brand’s mission is to focus on innovation and safety, why is why it’s no surprise big companies have put their confidence into LDV.

Take the LDV V80 from the current panel van range. With an advanced electric power system, more power is delivered to the wheels, making this a highly efficient vehicle. It can be fully charged in just two hours and can reach a huge 120 miles on a single charge. It’s the ideal van for long-distance drivers, who can charge the V80 when unloading cargo or taking a break. This panel van is designed with zero emissions technology and features a 950kg payload. 

Alongside the LDV V80 came the launch of the brand’s other light commercial electric vehicles. Designed to reduce emissions and running costs, plus avoid congestion charges, these vans are ideal for any business who needs a large fleet. LDV also prides itself on offering only state-of-the-art vehicles, focusing on eco EV, hybrid and hydrogen models.

After being purchased by the SAIC Motor Corporation in 2010, which produces nearly seven million vehicles a year, LDV is aiming to set a new standard in environmentally friendly motoring. And when you choose an LDV van lease today from Leasing Options, you won’t just receive a first-class vehicle. You’re also guaranteed unbeatable value with our Price Match Promise.

Start your LDV lease today and get the lowest price on your next van with Leasing Options. Whether you need a single vehicle or a full fleet, our knowledgeable team will be happy to help. If you want to know more about the process, see our leasing guides and see how simple it can be.

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